Not everyone likes to smoke, and those with compromised lung health may not even have the option. The stigmatized image of smoking might be the only thing stopping some people from trying cannabis, even if they live in a legal state.

Even though there are a number of different ways you can consume cannabis that have evolved over the years, you may be looking for a more health-conscious option. Here are some suggestions for a smoke-free cannabis experience:

Herbal tinctures from Fiddlers Greens – one is a low-dose mixture of indica and sativa extracts for a balanced high (1:1) called Fiddlers AC/DC, and the other, Fiddlers Kindred Spirit, is higher in CBD (20:1), derived from cannabis indica which is great for unwinding at night.

Tinctures are very on-trend right now because they are discreet and easy to use, faster acting than edibles, and often contain other herbs for a well-rounded feeling.

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